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Bulletproof Font Face

I'm not a UI developer but sometimes I work on it because of lack of human resources in my team. Latest I tried to use custom font to be included in LESS. I'd done it before in CSS. When I tried to complied LESS file using grunt , the console notified me that compilation was error because I don't use bulletproof font face . What is bulletproof font face? When you declare a font-face you must include more than one type of fonts so your style will be run well in every types of browser. Maybe you just use this code to declare custom font-face: @font-face { font-family : ' MyFont ' ; src : url ( ' myfont.ttf ' ) } But that isn't bulletproof. That declaration can cause unwanted output, for example in Internet Explorer or other old browsers. You should use this one: @font-face { font-family : ' MyFont ' ; src : url ( ' myfont.eot?#iefix ' ) format ( ' embedded-opentype ' ), url ( ' myfon.woff &#

What is Happiness?

Our happiness now is manipulated like crazy by industries. If you're "weak" human, then you are perfect market. We feel happiness is something that is within our hand. No. It's something that basically even if we give we feel happy. It's not when we get we feel happy.

It's Your Broken Idea of Fairness

You studied hard, but you failed the exam. You love her, but she won't return your calls. The problem isn't that life is unfair; it's your BROKEN IDEA of FAIRNESS. Take a proper look at that person. A person with years of experience being someone completely different to you. A real person who interacts with hundreds of other people every year. You feel something for them? That might matter to you, but their decision is not about you. Similarly we love to hate our bosses or politicians. It's true there are some truly awful and stupid figures. But they're not all evil. Most are just trying to do their best, under different circumstances to your own. from BusinessInsider

My Review for Free Project Management Tools

For about a year I had used Trello  as my team project management tool. It helps my team to maintain our "to-do" lists. But after increasing project numbers, as operation manager, I feel hard to maintain each of the team jobs on some projects. Some tasks become untouched. After a meeting, our team realizes that what the team need is clear detail about "What should I do today?" or "What should my teammates do today?". We need to find another project management tool. Trello uses the Kanban scheme which is very adaptive. I feel it's not suitable for my team, which consists of some people with different levels of expertise and who work on multiple projects. We need a tool that is better for a more prescriptive process to maintain our projects. Other features of the project management tool that we need are free, simple, secure, fast, and has mobile support. First, I search on Google for "Best Free Project Management Tool". After that, I decided

Install Latest MySql Server in Ubuntu from APT Repository

When you want to install latest version of MySql server in Linux (Ubuntu), like other applications, the easiest way is installing it from APT repository. But, default APT repository sources in Ubuntu still doesn't include latest version of MySql. I just finished installation of Ubuntu 14.04, but when I wanted to install MySql, it still installed MySql 5.5. Latest stable version of Mysql server is 5.6 (in 2014). So, this is how you can install MySql server from APT repository. 1. go to 2. download latest MySql repository configuration installer via browser or get the installer link then download it using wget   command download MySql APT configuration installer 3. go to where you save the .deb file 4. run: $ sudo dpkg -i mysql-apt-config-xxx-xxx-xxx.deb install latest MySql APT configuration 5. choose latest MySql version you want to install. choose MySql version you want 6. run: $ sudo apt-get update 7

Create Application Desktop Shortcut in Ubuntu (Gnome Classic)

I use Ubuntu with Gnome Classic theme because it has more simple looks than latest default Unity theme. I love simple. It also can reduce graphical load in my computer. When I use this theme, some modern features are removed such us feature to create desktop shortcut. I can't drag and drop or make a link an application icon from application menu to desktop directly. Here is the way how I create desktop shortcut in Ubuntu with Gnome Classic. 1. Open Ubuntu directory explorer and go to /usr/share/applications 2. Find your application that you want to be displayed on desktop 3. Copy your application file to /home/<your_username>/Desktop copy Ubuntu application shortcut /usr/share/applications paste Ubuntu application shortcut to /home/<user>/Desktop

Update Date and Time from Internet in Ubuntu

You can use ntpdate command to update date and time from Internet in Ubuntu. You can synchronize with global server such as . The project is a big virtual cluster of timeservers providing reliable easy to use NTP service for millions of clients. This is the command. $ sudo ntpdate You can change to your appropriate location such as (Japan), (Germany), etc.

Create Desktop Shortcut in Ubuntu

It's different with Windows, we should install additional tools to create desktop shortcut in Ubuntu. First, you must install the tools by this command. $ sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends gnome-panel Then, run the tools to create desktop shortcut. $ gnome-desktop-item-edit /home/<user>/Desktop/ --create-new After that, a pop up window will show up. You should fill information about the shortcut.

Install Oracle JDK in Ubuntu

In development environment I prefer to use Oracle JDK rather than OpenJDK. The easiest way to install any applications in Ubuntu is from repository. To install Oracle JDK you must add its repository. These are the commands. $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer If you have installed other version, e.g Java 6 or Java 8, you can update your system environment by this command. $ sudo update-java-alternatives -s java- <version> -oracle You can setup Java environment variables by this command. $ sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-set-default reference:

Eclipse SVN through Proxy

If you are working with Eclipse and using SVN connector to checkout SVN projects through proxy, you may got error messages like " RA layer request failed svn: OPTIONS... " It happens because SVN connector doesn't use Eclipse proxy setting. If you have configured proxy setting on Eclipse Preferences, it doesn't make SVN connector to work. Eclipse subversion plugin use some configuration files which are located in " C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Subversion " (Windows 8) or other similar locations on other Windows versions. You need to changes servers file. AppData folder could be in hidden state, so you should make it showed. show hidden folder Open servers file using text editor like Notepad. open servers file Find [global] tag, and change proxy setting below it. configure proxy setting Hope it can be useful for you.


When I listen to some videos of Soekarno, I feel that he must be one of greatest leaders in the world. We can feel his passion and kindness for our society. This is our intention. Society where everyone live in happiness. The five principles of our national life. First, believe in God . Second, nationalism . Third, humanity . Fourth, democracy . Fifth, social justice . His courage and visions.. great speech..

Upgrade to MySql 5.6 in Ubuntu 12.04

I got a problem when I wanted to create a field in a database table which field type is DATETIME and default field value is CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. I run a server on Ubuntu 12.04 and MySql 5.5. I found that MySql 5.5 doesn't support that statement. So, I must upgrade my MySql server to MySql 5.6.  Then I read some articles on internet. Most old articles said that we must download and install MySql 5.6 manually from official site because Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't have any repository for it. But, this day Ubuntu 12.04 has launched PPA for MySql 5.6. So, what you should do is just to remove your old mysql-server, update your repository, and install new one. You can use this following commands. apt-get -y remove mysql-server apt-get -y autoremove apt-get -y install software-properties-common or apt-get -y install python-software-properties (if add-apt-repository is still not exist) add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/mysql-5.6 apt-get update apt-get -y install mysql-serve

How To Use Git in Eclipse

Version control is one of important things that you should consider when you work as a team with some people in a project development. In software development, there are some version control tools that can maintain application source codes such as Git and SVN . Main different between them is the use of local repository. SVN doesn't use any local repository so every committed changes will be stored directly to and maintain by remote SVN server. But, when you use Git, you must create local repository first. Pictures below show you the difference. SVN scheme Git scheme You can use Git with some tools such as command line tools and desktop client applications. In this post, I will only show you how to use Git with Eclipse.

Important Notes to Set Up Shared Folder and Clipboard in VirtualBox

Latest version of VirtualBox (4.3) has some new features whose every users wants. Two features which I really love are shared directory and shared clipboard (clipboard copy). By using shared folder feature, we can create some directories on host operating system which can be shared with guest operating system. Guest operating system can read data from the shared directory or write data to it so that host operating system can write or read the data. By using shared clipboard feature, we can copy some text data from host OS clipboard to guest OS and otherwise. To use that features, we need some proper configuration process before and while running our virtual machine. I noted some points that is important and I hope we don't need to waste much time on configuration. Download latest version of VirtualBox with its Guest Additions You can download the installer from HERE . On installation process, you should include Guest Additions installation. Guest Additions is a sort of p

Important Notes When Setting Up Google Authenticator For 2-Step Verification

Google had launched a new method for verification called Google 2-Steps Verification . This method  can upgrade your Google account security by providing two steps of verification. Every devices that you use for log in to Google need extra secure password. So, before you can insert your regular password to log in, you need extra password that securely generated by Google. The extra password can be obtained by verified mobile phone through SMS or Voice Call. Beside that you can use Google Authenticator App   to generate secure codes . When you had successfully logged on one device, the device can be added into verified devices list so you don't need to use extra password for next use. To set up your account to use this method, you can go to  and choose 2-Step Verification Setting. Google 2-Step Verification Setting Page Google Authenticator App can be installed on Android, iPhone, or Blackberry. By using this app you can generate ex

MySql Connection Character Set: Fixing Broken Character in String Data Storing

Have you ever got problem that you got broken/unknown character when you stored string data especially HTML string data to MySql database? I've got that problem few days ago. I built program with Java as main string data processor, PHP as data storing tool, and MySql as database. I tried some encoding function in Java and PHP but I still didn't know why there're broken character like "“", "â€", "’", or others in database. That characters represent uncommon/special characters like  £,  €,  or special quote symbol which doesn't have HTML code representation like  “,  ”,  or others. After doing some inspections I figured out the problem. The problem is mysqli_query() and other PHP storing functions didn't store string data from PHP program properly.  HTML string data commonly use UTF-8 character set encoding which can maintain many special characters. So I tried following PHP functions to built connection with MySql. $mysqli

DigitalOcean VS AWS

I have a project with my friends and need to lunch an app through server with public IP. Because of short of money, we prefer to choose cloud service rather than dedicated server, beside the app still doesn't need much computing power. I searched on Google and found some articles about cloud services which is nice to be tried. DigitalOcean offers lower price than AWS for the same specs. AWS may give you price which three times higher than DigitalOcean does for the same specs. We can see benchmark scores which is published by Serverbear  for DigitalOcean and AWS. Benchmark scores for smallest plan on DigitalOcean (1 CPU, 512MB, $5/month)  at January 2013 until January 2014 can be seen here, . Benchmark score for AWS Micro Plan (1 CPU, 613MB, $14.4/month) at Juny 2012 until Juny 2013 can be seen here, . These are some screenshots from the sites. DigitalOcean 1 CP

Pembuatan Paspor Online

Saat ini pengajuan pembuatan paspor ( passport ) dapat dilakukan secara online . Secara singkat langkah-langkahnya sebagai berikut. Pengajuan Permohonan Online mengakses website direktorat imigrasi di   pilih menu Layanan Publik , selanjutnya pilih menu Layanan Paspor Online . Setelah memilih menu tersebut maka Anda akan menuju halaman pengajuan pemohonan di isi informasi pribadi yang diminta dan pilihan Kanim (kantor imigrasi) yang diinginkan Selanjutnya Anda akan mendapatkan email konfirmasi. Pada email tersebut akan ada keterangan apakah Anda harus langsung membayar biaya pembuatan paspor atau tidak. Untuk Kanim I Bandung saya diminta mentransfer biaya terlebih dahulu sebelum dapat meneruskan ke langkah selanjutnya. Biaya dibayar dengan transfer ke bank BNI via teller dengan membawa print-out surat pengantar yang ada pada email yang kita terima. BNI akan memberikan dua lembar bukti