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Zurmo CRM wtih Nginx and PHP 7

Zurmo is one of open source CRM application based on PHP. Current application isn't supported for PHP 7 environment because some application scripts still implement unsupported (obsolete) PHP function such as mysql_connect , mysql_fetch_array , etc. First, we must change some scripts which still implement unsupported PHP 7 functions. The scripts are: app\protected\commands\tests\unit\DatabaseCommandTest.php app\protected\core\tests\unit\DatabaseCompatibilityUtilTest.php app\protected\core\utils\DatabaseCompatibilityUtil.php You can download the scripts from HERE . Second, if we run Nginx server, we can use this following configuration. server {         listen 443 ssl;         root /path/to/zurmo ;         index index.php index.html;         server_name ;         ssl_certificate /pat/to/yourdomain.crt ;         ssl_certificate_key /path/to/yourdomain.key ;         access_log /var/log/nginx/ yourdomain-access.log ;         error_l