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Clone VMware Virtual Machine

If you want to build a new virtual machine which will be same as another existing virtual machine in your drive, you can use clone feature in VMware so you don't have to build and configure a new machine manually from the beginning. These are the steps how to clone virtual machine in VMware 6.5.

Create Subtitle and Embed Subtitle Into Video

I create this article because today I want to add translation text in a music video. I search some information from the internet about it. What I want is a free and simple application. Then I find some steps to create and embed subtitle into a video. First, you create SubRip (.srt) file using an application named Subtitle Workshop . Then you can embed it using another application. The simplest way is by using Freemake Video Converter  but if you want more advance you can use VirtualDub .

The Love I Can't Send

I love most of musics from Winter Sonata, a korean drama. This's one of them. A nice music, right ?