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Clone VMware Virtual Machine

If you want to build a new virtual machine which will be same as another existing virtual machine in your drive, you can use clone feature in VMware so you don't have to build and configure a new machine manually from the beginning. These are the steps how to clone virtual machine in VMware 6.5.

Create Subtitle and Embed Subtitle Into Video

I create this article because today I want to add translation text in a music video. I search some information from the internet about it. What I want is a free and simple application. Then I find some steps to create and embed subtitle into a video. First, you create SubRip (.srt) file using an application named Subtitle Workshop. Then you can embed it using another application. The simplest way is by using Freemake Video Converter but if you want more advance you can use VirtualDub.

The Love I Can't Send

I love most of musics from Winter Sonata, a korean drama. This's one of them.

A nice music, right ?