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Levi vs Beast Titan

 ... or it is Beast Levi vs Titan

Enabling Imagick to Read or Manipulate PDF File

Imagick is one of the popular tools for manipulating image files. Some popular languages such as PHP and Node.js have provided libraries that can be used for manipulating images based on Imagick. One of the common use cases for using Imagick is for generating a thumbnail from an image or PDF file. In PHP, we can install the PHP Imagick module by running the following command. apt install php-imagick Then, we can verify the installation by running this command. php -m | grep imagick For example, we want to generate a thumbnail image for a PDF file in PHP. We can use the following script. <?php $im = new Imagick(); $im->setResolution(50, 50); // set the reading resolution before read the file $im->readImage('file.pdf[0]'); // read the first page of the PDF file (index 0) //$im = $im->flattenImages(); // @deprecated // handle transparency problem $im = $im->mergeImageLayers( Imagick::LAYERMETHOD_FLATTEN ); $im->setImageFormat('png'); $im->write