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Recommended Applications for Your Ubuntu Desktop

If you like to use Ubuntu Desktop for your daily works, I recommend some good applications to improve your productivity and convenience. Currently, I use Ubuntu Desktop 18.04. Adjust Brightness Icon . It is a simple application that add functionality to your Ubuntu to adjust brightness of your screen with four level of brightness by clicking its icon on the Taskbar. You can install this application through Ubuntu Software Center. Gnome Tweaks . This application provides several options to configure your desktop and system appearance such as applying dark theme, changing fonts, adding startup application, etc. To use this tools, you can follow this instruction: - In terminal run: > sudo apt install gnome-tweaks gnome-tweak-tool  - Then open the application by running: > gnome-tweaks  Pomodoro . It helps you to manage time according to the pomodoro technique. You can install this app through Ubuntu Software Center. VLC . It is open source multimedia player with plenty of built