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When I listen to some videos of Soekarno, I feel that he must be one of greatest leaders in the world. We can feel his passion and kindness for our society. This is our intention. Society where everyone live in happiness. The five principles of our national life. First, believe in God . Second, nationalism . Third, humanity . Fourth, democracy . Fifth, social justice . His courage and visions.. great speech..

Upgrade to MySql 5.6 in Ubuntu 12.04

I got a problem when I wanted to create a field in a database table which field type is DATETIME and default field value is CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. I run a server on Ubuntu 12.04 and MySql 5.5. I found that MySql 5.5 doesn't support that statement. So, I must upgrade my MySql server to MySql 5.6.  Then I read some articles on internet. Most old articles said that we must download and install MySql 5.6 manually from official site because Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't have any repository for it. But, this day Ubuntu 12.04 has launched PPA for MySql 5.6. So, what you should do is just to remove your old mysql-server, update your repository, and install new one. You can use this following commands. apt-get -y remove mysql-server apt-get -y autoremove apt-get -y install software-properties-common or apt-get -y install python-software-properties (if add-apt-repository is still not exist) add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/mysql-5.6 apt-get update apt-get -y install mysql-serve

How To Use Git in Eclipse

Version control is one of important things that you should consider when you work as a team with some people in a project development. In software development, there are some version control tools that can maintain application source codes such as Git and SVN . Main different between them is the use of local repository. SVN doesn't use any local repository so every committed changes will be stored directly to and maintain by remote SVN server. But, when you use Git, you must create local repository first. Pictures below show you the difference. SVN scheme Git scheme You can use Git with some tools such as command line tools and desktop client applications. In this post, I will only show you how to use Git with Eclipse.

Important Notes to Set Up Shared Folder and Clipboard in VirtualBox

Latest version of VirtualBox (4.3) has some new features whose every users wants. Two features which I really love are shared directory and shared clipboard (clipboard copy). By using shared folder feature, we can create some directories on host operating system which can be shared with guest operating system. Guest operating system can read data from the shared directory or write data to it so that host operating system can write or read the data. By using shared clipboard feature, we can copy some text data from host OS clipboard to guest OS and otherwise. To use that features, we need some proper configuration process before and while running our virtual machine. I noted some points that is important and I hope we don't need to waste much time on configuration. Download latest version of VirtualBox with its Guest Additions You can download the installer from HERE . On installation process, you should include Guest Additions installation. Guest Additions is a sort of p