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Bulletproof Font Face

I'm not a UI developer but sometimes I work on it because of lack of human resources in my team. Latest I tried to use custom font to be included in LESS. I'd done it before in CSS. When I tried to complied LESS file using grunt , the console notified me that compilation was error because I don't use bulletproof font face . What is bulletproof font face? When you declare a font-face you must include more than one type of fonts so your style will be run well in every types of browser. Maybe you just use this code to declare custom font-face: @font-face { font-family : ' MyFont ' ; src : url ( ' myfont.ttf ' ) } But that isn't bulletproof. That declaration can cause unwanted output, for example in Internet Explorer or other old browsers. You should use this one: @font-face { font-family : ' MyFont ' ; src : url ( ' myfont.eot?#iefix ' ) format ( ' embedded-opentype ' ), url ( ' myfon.woff &#

What is Happiness?

Our happiness now is manipulated like crazy by industries. If you're "weak" human, then you are perfect market. We feel happiness is something that is within our hand. No. It's something that basically even if we give we feel happy. It's not when we get we feel happy.

It's Your Broken Idea of Fairness

You studied hard, but you failed the exam. You love her, but she won't return your calls. The problem isn't that life is unfair; it's your BROKEN IDEA of FAIRNESS. Take a proper look at that person. A person with years of experience being someone completely different to you. A real person who interacts with hundreds of other people every year. You feel something for them? That might matter to you, but their decision is not about you. Similarly we love to hate our bosses or politicians. It's true there are some truly awful and stupid figures. But they're not all evil. Most are just trying to do their best, under different circumstances to your own. from BusinessInsider