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Important Notes When Setting Up Google Authenticator For 2-Step Verification

Google had launched a new method for verification called Google 2-Steps Verification . This method  can upgrade your Google account security by providing two steps of verification. Every devices that you use for log in to Google need extra secure password. So, before you can insert your regular password to log in, you need extra password that securely generated by Google. The extra password can be obtained by verified mobile phone through SMS or Voice Call. Beside that you can use Google Authenticator App   to generate secure codes . When you had successfully logged on one device, the device can be added into verified devices list so you don't need to use extra password for next use. To set up your account to use this method, you can go to  and choose 2-Step Verification Setting. Google 2-Step Verification Setting Page Google Authenticator App can be installed on Android, iPhone, or Blackberry. By using this app you can generate ex

MySql Connection Character Set: Fixing Broken Character in String Data Storing

Have you ever got problem that you got broken/unknown character when you stored string data especially HTML string data to MySql database? I've got that problem few days ago. I built program with Java as main string data processor, PHP as data storing tool, and MySql as database. I tried some encoding function in Java and PHP but I still didn't know why there're broken character like "“", "â€", "’", or others in database. That characters represent uncommon/special characters like  £,  €,  or special quote symbol which doesn't have HTML code representation like  “,  ”,  or others. After doing some inspections I figured out the problem. The problem is mysqli_query() and other PHP storing functions didn't store string data from PHP program properly.  HTML string data commonly use UTF-8 character set encoding which can maintain many special characters. So I tried following PHP functions to built connection with MySql. $mysqli

DigitalOcean VS AWS

I have a project with my friends and need to lunch an app through server with public IP. Because of short of money, we prefer to choose cloud service rather than dedicated server, beside the app still doesn't need much computing power. I searched on Google and found some articles about cloud services which is nice to be tried. DigitalOcean offers lower price than AWS for the same specs. AWS may give you price which three times higher than DigitalOcean does for the same specs. We can see benchmark scores which is published by Serverbear  for DigitalOcean and AWS. Benchmark scores for smallest plan on DigitalOcean (1 CPU, 512MB, $5/month)  at January 2013 until January 2014 can be seen here, . Benchmark score for AWS Micro Plan (1 CPU, 613MB, $14.4/month) at Juny 2012 until Juny 2013 can be seen here, . These are some screenshots from the sites. DigitalOcean 1 CP