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Resize VirtualBox LVM Storage

VirtualBox is a free solution to host virtual machines on your computer. It provides configuration options for many components on our machine such as memory, storage, networking, etc. It also allows us to resize our machine storage after its operating system is installed. LVM is a volume manager in a Linux platform that helps us to allocate partitions in the system and configure the storage size that will be utilized for a specific volume group. There are some points to be noticed when we work with LVM on VirtualBox to resize our storage. These are some steps that need to be performed. 1. Stop your machine before resizing the storage. 2. Set new storage size using GUI by selecting " File > Virtual Media Manager > Properties " then find the desired virtual hard disk name that will be resized. OR , by running a CLI program located in " Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe ".  cd "/c/Program Files/Oracle/VirtualBox" ./VBoxManage.exe list

Best Action & Thriller Movies

Here are some latest action and thriller movies that I think very recommended to watch.  Nobody (2021) A guy who seems like a special agent veteran has to back to his old job that is getting rid of some bandits. In the beginning, we see an ordinary man who runs his boring routines with his family. Until a couple of robbers broke into his house to take some worth in it but accidentally stole his daughter's kitty bracelet. Yeah, just because of the cheap bracelet and getting trouble with drunk guys on the way back home, he has to face bigger trouble. This movie is written by one of John Wick's writers, maybe that's why the main guy seems to be so badass. Don't Breathe 1 (2016) & 2 (2021) A war veteran who is blind and lives alone is forced to be a horrific man. Some intruders who broke into his house, make everything change. In 2016, the intruders want his treasure but end up finding something creepy in the basement. In 2021, he has to fight some bad guys who want to

Redirect A Domain or Sub-domain To Another Domain in Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is used for registering domains and storing DNS records. Basically, it cannot handle HTTP requests redirection which is commonly handled by web or proxy servers.  So, we need to implement a kind of web server in front of our service to make redirection. There are two methods that we can try to achieve our need for redirection. First, we can utilize Nginx (or other tools) as a proxy to our service with an additional configuration block for redirection. Second, if our service is hosted on Amazon EC2, we can activate the load balancer service and add a listener for redirecting specific requests. Nginx as Proxy Server The configuration for redirection is generally as follows. server { listen 80; server_name; return 301$request_uri; } EC2 Load Balancer This method utilizes the load balancer feature in Amazon EC2. In the load balancer listener setting, we need to add a rule to redirect a specific request based on the

Oh No, My Gitlab Instance Got Hacked

I manage a self-hosted Gitlab instance on a server in DigitalOcean. A few months ago, I got a notification from DigitalOcean Security Center that my instance has been disconnected from the network because it was detected performing a kind of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. I tried to solve the issue, I suspected that it was just a Gitlab runner process that made some requests that were falsy detected as a DDOS attack. DigitalOcean has very strict rules for this case that it becomes difficult for me to re-activate the network connection of my server before I perform a kind of recovery process and system scanning. That's why I choose to deploy a new server and back up the repository. After I managed to deploy a new instance and re-run the repository server, I upgraded the server with the latest patch that is suitable. I also thought that the issue was only caused by falsy security detection. After that moment, I left my server untouched for months lat