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Managing S3-Compatible Storage Using CLI Tool

Most S3-compatible storage providers like UpCloud and DigitalOcean provide a dashboard for managing our storage. But, usually, we face some browser or web-related issues in certain conditions for example when we try to upload large amounts of files. There are some CLI tools out there that we can use for managing our storage like uploading files, migrating files to another bucket, etc. One of the popular CLI tools is S3cmd . For instance, I use an object storage service provided by UpCloud . For this past year, I migrated many of my services from AWS and DigitalOcean to UpCloud because of its cost and performance. I found that UpCloud actively develops new features or services and improves its infrastructure performance. To install S3cmd , we need to have Python and PIP in our machine. After that, we can run the following command to install S3cmd . pip install s3cmd Then, we can configure the tool by running the following command. Four fields are important in our ca