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Vacation at Ciwidey with ELEKTRO 08

My friends in department of electrical engineering ITB class of 2008 held a vacation at Ciwidey on July,17th-19th 2012. I came late to Ciwidey and followed my friend on July,18th because I had to finished some of my work first. I went to Ciwidey by chartering an angkot   with 4 of my friends that come late too and  arrived there in the morning. We stayed in two villas which is surrounded by tea farm. This is the location :  -7.141851,107.382675 .  This place was so pleasant. There are some tourism attraction that is near from  where we stayed such as Danau Situ Patengan, Kawah Putih, and Cimanggu. In the first day, my friends who had arrived early went to Danau Situ Patengan. I'm regret for not coming there.  In the second day, when I arrived at Ciwidey, I enjoyed the morning air and nice atmosphere there immediately. Then, I had my breakfast and prepared to join a game with my friends in the pool. The Villa We played a game in the pool. This is a


Finally, I had been graduated from ITB after studied there at school of electrical engineering and informatics  for about 4 years. Graduation is a special thing for us because it's the beginning of new journey to continue pursuit of our dream. Of course, it's also the beginning for us to apply our skill in real life. You can choose to work in some companies or communities that need your skill. I think problem solving and adaptation skill is the most important things in every fields because sometime we will face some problems that is not corresponding with our study but we still have to solve that problem well. Anyway, in this post I just want to share about graduation ceremony that hold by Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektroteknik Institut Teknologi Bandung (HME ITB) at July, 13rd and 14th 2012. Committee of these series of events was members of HME ITB 2010 and 2011. This event was so cool and interesting for me. I thanks for all HME ITB members that joined and enlivened this event.