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My Review for Free Project Management Tools

For about a year I had used Trello  as my team project management tool. It helps my team to maintain our "to do" lists. But after increasing of project numbers, as operation manager, I feel hard to maintain each of team jobs on some projects. Some tasks become untouched. After a meeting, our team realize that what team need is clear detail about "What should I do today?" or "What should my teammates do today?". We need find another project management tool. Trello uses Kanban scheme which is very adaptive. I feel it's not suitable for my team which consist of some people with different level of expertise and work on multiple projects. We need tool which is better for more prescriptive process to maintain our projects. Other features of project management tool that we need are free, simple, secure, fast, and has mobile support. First, I search on Google for "Best Free Project Management Tool". After that I decided to try four free tools, the