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I Love Books

I like reading books since I was kid. Thanks to my parents that let me bought any books and embraced me to read. Bookstore becomes one of my favorite place. I like to learn any topics, not only about science or IT stuffs. For me, reading book isn't always intended to have possession in the topic, but it's for my personal pleasure and building an insight of something. some of them There're many things around us that we don't understand really well. If we try to figure it out by our selves, we will waste most of our precious time. So, it's better to learn from the expert who have studied it well then considering it with our common sense and logic. I grow up, many affairs had occured, and shit happens. I realize that I have forgotten a lot of things. I likely tend to aware on less things. So let me open a cupboard full of books which I've collected since long time ago.